Link 1000
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Link 1000

Monitor One Battery Bank and Control Your Freedom Inverter/Charger

Link 1000 is a battery monitor that uses sophisticated microprocessor technology to monitor one battery bank and provide remote control for your Freedom Inverter / Charger. A simple and easy-to-use interface measures and reports amp hours, kilowatt hours and historical battery information including number of cycles, deepest discharge, and average depth of discharge. Link 1000 automatically calculates charging efficiency. Its battery bank display has fuel gauge LEDs so the basic state of charge can be read at a glance. In addition to monitoring the house bank battery, Link 1000 can display voltage for a second bank.

Link 1000 also acts as a remote for your inverter / charger. Link 1000 allows you to program four different battery types, battery temperature, AC power sharing and the inverter's idle mode sensitivity. With its programming capability, you can ensure the Freedom Inverter / Charger operates optimally for your particular installation. Charger modes can be monitored from the Link 1000's front panel LED display. To extend battery life, you can equalize your battery bank from the front panel by simply pressing a few buttons. Link 1000 can be used for 12 or 24-volt systems.



  • Displays for DC Monitoring and Inverter / Charger Control
  • Programmable advanced functions
  • Easy installation
  • Stores key historical data
  • Front panel software lock
  • Precision shunt included




Color-coded twisted pair cable eases installation. Available in twenty five or fifty foot lengths (25 or 50 ft.)

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